How Improvements at Home Help Seniors

According to council of home safety, there are a number of seniors nowadays who suffered accidents due to the home’s unfriendly environment. Since they are already old and fragile, they have no time and capability to perform renovations to their homes. As the body ages, there is a huge change in terms of muscle strength. In short, old people are at risk of getting serious injuries. At some point, accidents at home may be the cause of a senior’s death. Based from statistics, one out of three seniors in the US is experiencing a bad fall at home yearly.

Home ImprovementWhen an old person has experienced a bad fall, it is very life changing in a bad way. A simple broken bone in one’s hips or head injury could cost his or her family a lot of money. Of course, the expenses will include series of treatments and hospitalizations. Aside from the physical trauma, it could also cause emotional trauma to a senior. It is like stripping an old person of his or her life.

But before worse things could happen, prevention is always the best solution. You can start by simply renovating your senior’s home. By making the house a senior friendly place, accidents will be minimized. The role of home improvement blog for senior citizens is always very valuable. These blogs will supply necessary information regarding improvements that should be done, which are senior friendly.

As you perform a home improvement for seniors, it is important to take note of the important areas. These areas will cover bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other areas your seniors are frequenting. You need to look around the house and discover the potential areas that could cause hazards. It could be a blocking pathway, slippery floor and many more.

Another cause of accidents at home, not only for seniors but also for every family members, is the poor lighting. Make sure you check the light fixtures of your house. If it is blurry then it is safe to replace it with a new one. Most lighting systems by homeowners are not energy efficient; if you want an energy saving one, install LED lights that are economical.

Flooring is also another problem if its slippery. To avoid having your seniors trip on it, make sure to get short nap carpets. Do not pick shaggier ones as they can make you trip. Changing your floor to linoleum, tile and hardwood could also be a perfect option. The only thing you need to avoid is making the floor too smooth and slippery.

If you have seniors at home, you should also get rid of the tub in the bathroom. Instead of the tub, install a shower; it will make the bathroom convenient for entry and exit. Make sure that the bathroom’s flooring is a bit rough to prevent slips.

As for the kitchen, home improvement blog for senior citizens would always recommend to eliminate cabinetry that will impede wheelchair passage. The cabinetry’s and counter’s height should also be reachable for the seniors.